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Here is a list of selected projects I worked on between 2015-2020. During this time, I had the privilege to collaborate with top-notch researchers, designers, engineers, interaction designers, software developers, marketers and others from leading companies across industries. Every project in this list is a result of teamwork and collaboration; the credit belongs to the respective project team as a whole and each of its members. Confidential materials are not disclosed. 


Aging Innovation Program:

Co-Designing with Older People

Insights and Innovation for 50+ Market Creation

The SCAN Foundation, a public charity dedicated to improving lives of older Americans, was looking for a deep understanding of what older adults need and want in later life in order to meaningfully invest and develop innovations in product and service for the age 50+ market.

Goal: Develop a repeatable system to understand what older Americans across United States want and need in terms of products, services and experiences. Derive unique insights for innovation to attract high caliber creatives to create for this market.

Result: A repeatable experience design and co-design facilitators kit to engage elder communities across urban, suburban and rural America, tested in East and West Coast and South of USA. A comprehensive insights report, pointing to innovation opportunity areas, strategies and experiences.

Roles: Led the Aging Innovation Program funded by a grant from The SCAN Foundation. Held and facilitated co-design sessions with older adults in communities across the country to learn what they want, need and desire in their experiences. Generated insights from co-design sessions. Designed the graphic language of the report and the co-design and facilitator's guide.



Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 9.37.35 AM.png

Co-Designing with Older Americans: Research Results, Insights and Opportunities for age 50+ Market Innovation

Co-Design and Facilitator’s Guide: Everyone can run a design workshop.


TRU RED™ Expert Notetaking

Collection for Staples

Staples, the leading office retailer, was looking for a way to innovate in the notebook category, a best-selling yet crowded space. The goal was to develop a unique product collection that introduces new features and provides guidance for all notetakers, while establishing Staples’ unique POV in the category, informed by why people take notes and what they do with them through human-centered research and co-design.


Result: A debut store brand product collection that combines beautiful materials with useful features, content and guidance to help all notetakers retain information, create new ideas and take action - from creatives to list-masters to writers. We believe that notetaking expands our minds.

Roles:Conducted research and market analysis. Contributed in customer opportunity mapping workshops. Developed design concepts. Finalized the outline and graphic development of the notebooks.





Future Vision, Product and Service


Kale Group, one of Europe’s largest ceramics and sanitaryware manufacturer, wanted to create a future vision strategy for its next 10 years of innovation and identify tangible product and service innovation programs. We helped Kale Group thrust into the future through internal innovation lab, Futurelab, working on new products and services.


Result: Our comprehensive research that included world’s leading material experts, architects, construction planning, product design and technologists resulted in a future strategy roadmap for Kale Group to transform into an innovative solution provider from a parts manufacturer. Since its initiation, Futurelab teams have worked on 4 major growth opportunity areas, and test new products/systems in both the Turkish and European markets.  The work resulted in clear innovation goal, a growth pipeline and 4 strategic future growth MVPs.

Roles:Conducted extensive primary and secondary research including site visits, expert identification, interviews and future scenario development. 




Delish Essential Kitchen Collection is the fastest growing online food media brand, looking to expand into physical product offerings. Since its start, Delish was on a mission to make a space that was for everyone —a place that was as much about delicious, easy recipes as it was about food as a fun lifestyle.

Result: Delish Essentials™ is a new 40+ piece kitchen collection designed to bring's digital-first brand DNA into their first physical collection. Including tools and gadgets, bakeware and dinnerware, this product line will turn even those of you who are new to cooking into a self-professed home-chef.

Roles:Conducted initial market research for concept development. Brainstormed packaging ideas using hand sketches and design software.

Completed final mock-up designs. 





Smart Bathroom User Experience Journey

Mapping & Visualization 

Kohler is a global leader in the manufacture of kitchen and bath products, engines and power generation systems, cabinetry, tile and home interiors, and is international host to award-winning hospitality and world-class golf destinations. Kohler wanted to explore multiple user experience scenarios to push the boundaries of how the user can interact with the physical and digital experiences a smart bathroom can facilitate.

Result: Using our unique journey mapping methodologies, we evolved new product scenarios and validated exisiting ideas within new ecosystems. We also created compelling visualizations to communicate the meaningful user moments along a journey timeline so the value could be clearly understood by the A&D community and other stakeholder.

Roles: Conducted research and market analysis on smart bathroom technologies. Developed user scenarios by using journey mapping methodologies. Prepared and delivered design visuals to communicate the meaningful user moments along a journey timeline.



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